Palo Alto Interior Design Trends to Try This Season

Palo Alto Interior Design Trends to Try This Season

  • Stephanie von Thaden
  • 09/18/22

We all strive to make our homes a sanctuary — a calm place that possesses our distinct sense of style and elegance and a safe space to relax and recuperate after a long day. While comfort and stability are at the forefront of interior design for most, there are ways to make our relaxing spaces more beautiful than ever. From organic materials to sumptuous colors, here are some trending interior design elements to help make your home stunning. Keep reading to learn more about the Palo Alto interior design trends dominating the market.

Combining the old and the new

Combining vintage and retro furniture with modern tech accents and luxe finishes is a major design trend of 2022. Imagine displaying your grandmother’s antique china cabinet in your updated dining room for the ultimate homage with a modern flair. Vintage pieces add a palpable personality and soul to your space, while modern elements will make sure your home doesn’t end up looking old and run-down. Your Palo Alto luxury home will shine when you carefully balance the two.

Combining modern accents with vintage pieces creates a comforting home and is also eco-friendly since you’re repurposing items. If you’re not sure of where to start, fear not. This article on mixing modern and antique furniture sheds light on the matter. Namely, finding balance, repurposing, and integrating pieces that serve both form and function are primary considerations when applying this fabulous interior design technique.

Nature makes its way indoors

Bringing the outdoors in has been a recurring theme in interior design for many years, and you can do this via natural materials, plants, and colors. We all want to live in calming spaces, and what could exude tranquility more than using natural elements like wood and marble? There is no denying that natural elements bring a sense of peace that we’d be hard-pressed to find in industrial materials. There are many ways to incorporate nature into your interior design trends in Palo Alto homes.

Whether you love the look and feel of natural wood, wish to install a skylight, or add a simple touch of colorful blooms, there are countless ways to use nature to make your home cozier and more inviting. Floral window treatments and indoor greenery are two examples of natural elements that will instantly add life to your home. People opt for vine-covered walls and designated shelving for their plant babies instead. Bringing natural and organic elements into your home is a huge draw.

Green and brown hues

In line with the desire to bring nature indoors, using green and brown colors to enhance one’s home is trending. Whether placing a few potted plants in your home or buying velvety chocolate brown pillows for your sofa, warmer tones are welcoming and elegant. In a world where warm gray and eggshell white reign supreme, it’s refreshing that greens and browns of various shades are en vogue. Remember that you don’t have to paint walls in dark brown or forest green (unless you so desire), as just adding a few accent pieces will add warmth to your home.

Mix and match materials

Designing a unique space is a breeze when you mix and match various materials and design elements. It’s common to use natural and industrial elements in the same room, or even a piece of furniture, to render them interesting and one-of-a-kind. In addition to using different materials to add appeal to your Palo Alto house, you can easily mix and match patterns and textures.

Keeping your home from looking dull is easily done when you layer textures, as they add visual interest and allure. Some materials to consider include wood, cloth, glass, leather, metal, and ceramics, to name a few. From adopting textile accessories to mixing leather furnishing with tactile weaves, there are many ways to create intrigue. This is all about designing a home that represents you.

Less is more

People are always seeking to simplify their lives, and one easy way to do this is by keeping their spaces minimalist. Minimalism is designing a space that uses simple, clean lines, only incorporates necessary furnishings with a few accent pieces, and concentrates on form and functionality. Obviously, you want your dining room to have a dining table and proper lighting, but in minimalism, you would leave out furniture that doesn’t serve a purpose and is only there for decor.

Note that a minimalist interior is not confused with a boring one. A home free of clutter and full of neutrally-colored furnishings is the ideal backdrop for a clear mind. Keeping things simple and streamlined is crucial to harmonious living. To design a beautiful home, eliminate unnecessary trinkets and furniture. This aligns with some of the most popular Palo Alto interior design trends of 2022.

Maximize your style

While some prefer the chic simplicity of minimalism, others are uptaking maximalist designs to represent their fun and eclectic taste. This trendy style gives homeowners complete freedom to express themselves by using every last piece of artwork and funky furniture to show off their distinct personalities. There is no need to hide any family heirlooms or ditch your patchwork sofa when going for a maximalist look. Show it off!

One can argue that maximalism is the easiest way to show off one’s style and interests and display an extensive collection of worldly objects accumulated over the years. Maximalism is particularly popular among younger homeowners who happily decorate their spaces with various colors, patterns, and accessories that spark joy. One thing is certain – if you’re looking to uplift your Palo Alto estate with color and vibrancy, a maximalist design approach is necessary.

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